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Engage, Enlighten, Inspire
Engage, Enlighten, Inspire
Engage, Enlighten, Inspire
Engage, Enlighten, Inspire
Engage, Enlighten, Inspire
Engage, Enlighten, Inspire

Capturing moments that motivate connection.

At Moving Artistry Productions, we specialize in capturing moments that drive audience engagement. Our films are crafted to unite compelling stories and narratives that ignite inspiration. Our goal is to evoke emotional responses, entertain, educate, and forge connections with your audience.

Our Team


Justin Brunelle

Justin Brunelle (he/him) is an award-winning filmmaker who has spent nearly fifteen years travelling the world, capturing visually striking and emotionally resonant stories through documentary, narrative film, and commercial production and storytelling.

His filmmaking journey has taken him from the remote Arctic to the lush mountain rainforests of Patagonia, delving into some of the planet's least accessible and most vulnerable regions, all while focusing on authentically portraying powerful human and environmental stories.

Devoting his life to the art of storytelling, Justin's portfolio spans producing, directing and filming documentaries, films, and commercials that have garnered recognition and screened globally. Among his diverse clientele are organizations such as Hasbro, World Triathlon Corporation, United States National Guard, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, University of Alberta, Best Western Hotels and Resorts, Department of National Defense (Canada) and Corus Entertainment.

One of Justin's most unforgettable filming adventures involved diving among a pod of wild beluga whales in the Arctic, documenting the world's largest beluga whale migration for a documentary series that explores the intricate connections between nature and humanity.

In 2017, Justin achieved a milestone when one of his early narrative films received official selection at EIFF, an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences OSCAR® qualifying film festival, where it premiered theatrically.

In 2011, driven by a passion for impactful narratives and collaboration, Justin founded Moving Artistry Productions. Guided by a commitment to cinematic excellence, he places great value on his team, the environment, and the art of crafting unique and engaging stories. Justin Brunelle aims to use his unique lens to connect audiences to the profound and often unseen aspects of our world.


Tony Kinash

Tony Kinash (he/him) is the only fourteen-time consecutive winner of the esteemed 'Employee of the Month' award at Moving Artistry Productions. He is a dynamic force in the realms of both filmmaking and coffee brewing and his infectious energy for both crafts infuses an unparalleled cheerfulness and inspiration into the office and every film set he touches - ask anyone!

As a producer and production manager, Tony specializes in orchestrating and leading projects of all scales. His background includes the coordination and execution of filming and producing documentaries, films, and commercial productions, establishing him as a well-respected and sought-after figure in the industry.

Tony embarked on his filmmaking journey by immersing himself in various Location Management and Assistant Directing roles on film and television sets after earning his Diploma in Digital Cinema from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Having worked across virtually every facet of film production, Tony's comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day operations of a film set has proven instrumental in shaping his current role.

From orchestrating national television commercial shoots to sculpting narrative arcs for intimate documentaries, Tony's passion and instinct for storytelling are guided by his unwavering commitment to cinematic excellence and a deep passion for his craft.

Since joining the team at Moving Artistry Productions, Tony has discovered immense joy and passion in the intricate processes of planning, filming, and narrating stories through film. His human-centered approach to leadership, coupled with a commitment to excellence, solidifies Tony Kinash's position as a driving force behind the scenes and a storyteller with a lasting impact on the world.


David Baron

Canadian Screen Award nominated cinematographer David Baron (he/him) is a creative mind who has been integral in bringing over 20 award-winning and successful productions to life with Moving Artistry Productions since its inception in 2011. As a valued freelance creative, just as a painter paints with paint, David paints with light to bring a unique creative and technical vision to each production he works on.


Eric Spoeth

Meet Eric Spoeth (he/him), a visionary freelance director and filmmaker whose career has spanned across many years, and countries. Eric excels at bringing the best out of not only his cast, but also his crew— He leads with confidence and dedication, collaborating with everyone on set to create cinematic experiences and bring stories to the screen that cannot be forgotten.

Sound Designer

Jesse Luce

With a career spanning nearly 15 years, Jesse Luce (he/him) is a one-of-a-kind sound designer and mixer. For all projects demanding sound recording or intricate sound design, Jesse is our first call. He immerses himself into every project, creating entire soundscapes and worlds through sound design. Let his work speak for itself and listen to some of our projects — chances are it was designed and or mixed by Jesse!


Thaimu Turray

Thaimu Turry (he/him) has been a staple contractor on our sets for nearly a decade! From camera operating to key gripping, and drone operation, Thaimu's vast array of talents and positive 'can-do' attitude make any set a breeze. Along with many other talented contract technicians, Thaimu remains one of our first calls on any production.


Weyme Teeter

Since winning 'Best Editor' at the 2017 Alberta Media Production Industry Association Awards for our foray project into narrative film, Weyme Teeter (she/her) has proven to be a powerhouse of creativity in editing. We are grateful to have worked with Weyme as a contract editor on countless films, music videos, and commercials over the years.


Chris Mihailides

Chris Mihailides (he/him) is truly a multifaceted filmmaker, with experience in almost every area of video production. His freelance work as an editor, camera operator, and cinematographer has been instrumental in the success of our projects. If you haven't already, watch our demo reel and experience Chris's exceptional editing work firsthand.


Space to explore, ignite and deliver.

We are judged by the quality of our work - and we are proud of that fact. Our team is fueled by creativity, driven by passion, and united by trust. Together, we harness a vibrant spirit that propels us forward.

Trusted partners

For over a decade, Moving Artistry Productions has collaborated with many leading brands and organizations to tell their stories. We are proud that our award-winning productions and first-class customer service keep many of our partners returning year after year.

Clients Say

Moving Artistry Productions is a professional, creative and highly motivated team. They have brought to life many of my projects to a level of beauty and expertise that has always surpassed my expectations. We have worked together on different projects with varying budgets and I have been so amazed with the importance the team has given to every single project no matter what the size.

Ken Christensen
Creative Director - West Edmonton Mall

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