Wings of Survival

documentary (in development)

Produced By
Moving Artistry Productions


Wings of Survival" is a 90-minute documentary currently in development that follows Dr. Timm Döbert (Global Change Ecologist) and Leanna Carriere (Extreme Endurance Athlete) as they cycle 30,000km across the Americas' western flyway. They aim to raise awareness, advance bird science, and promote conservation. They'll cycle and packraft from Alaska to Patagonia, mirroring bird migrations, documenting challenges and human responses over eight months.

Behind the Scenes


Ultimately, this documentary seeks to leave a lasting impact, motivating viewers to take action in their own communities to support conservation initiatives and contribute to the protection of migratory birds and their habitats. Through stunning visuals, personal stories, and scientific insights, "Wings of Survival" promises to be an unforgettable exploration of endurance, passion, and the enduring spirit of conservation.