As a full service production company, we have experience in all aspects of production. From conception to reality, we do it all. We engage. We enlighten. We inspire.


Discovery & Storyboarding

It all starts with an idea, and creating a tangible plan to bring your story to life.

Concept Development, Scriptwriting, & Storyboarding

Where your ideas come to life. We help you create, develop, and expand your ideas into a compelling story. With experience in narrative storytelling, we are no strangers to scriptwriting and storyboarding— crafting your vision into a cohesive narrative.


Creating quality no matter the budget. With our years of experience, we have worked on projects of all scales and sizes. We excel at delivering high-quality content while staying under budgetary constraints.


The when of your project. With so many moving parts, it’s important to keep track of every aspect and detail pertaining to your project. That’s where we come in. Whether it is a half day on set or two weeks of night work, we can handle it.

Permits & Documentation

Can’t spell art without legal documentation. Before we can turn the lights, roll cameras, or even step onto set, everyone needs to be signed off. This includes (but not limited to) location permits, actor releases, crew deal memos, and other tedious documentation.

Boring, right? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Art Direction

Building the scene. After we have secured your locations, the next step is building the set. This could be anything from setting up a corner lamp, to building an entire bedroom set in a studio. Whatever your scene requires, we are equipped to handle it.


Crewing, Equipment & Locations

After we lock down the creative and initial logistics, the next step is assembling the necessary team, equipment, and locations for your project.

Cast & Crew

The talent in front and behind the camera. With our industry connections, we will ensure that you have an experienced cast and crew perfectly suited for your project’s needs. We pride ourselves in working with like minded professionals, all with a similar passion and admiration for the creative arts.

Gear & Equipment

Creating and capturing beauty with every frame. We utilise industry standard equipment such as cinema cameras, lighting equipment, and grip/electric gear to achieve your vision. Like a painter with a brush, we use these tools to help us create cinematic art, but at the end of the day it’s the artist that truly paints.


The where of your project. Our expertise extends across diverse settings, from urban parks to 1800s haunted houses— we navigate permits, releases, and other documentation to ensure you get the locations you need.

Art Direction

Building the scene. After we have secured your locations, the next step is building the set. This could be anything from setting up a corner lamp, to building an entire bedroom set in a studio. Whatever your scene requires, we are equipped to handle it.


Set Setup, Lighting & Filming

With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, we are ready to bring your ideas and story to life.


Handling logistics so you don’t have to. We oversee every step of production, ensuring the project's smooth execution from conception to final delivery.


Bring your script to life. We work with experienced, passionate directors that will take every word on your script, and bring it to life. They are the creative leaders of the set— making critical decisions to ensure your story is crafted to perfection.


Painting every scene. Our industry-leading cinematographers paint every moment, crafting every scene with their knowledge surrounding light, framing, and movement. The Director of Photography works closely with the Director to create and motivate performances, bringing life to each and every scene.


The heart of every set. Each project is only as strong as its crew, so with every production we create we make sure to hire the best of the best. They are the true heart and soul of the project, and without them the project wouldn’t exist.


Editing, Mixing & Delivery

Where all of the raw footage we shot in production comes together, and transforms into a captivating visual masterpiece.

Editing, Colour Grading

Leaving film on the cutting room floor. We go through all of the footage captured, editing it down only to the best of the best. Once you are happy with the edit and we have picture lock, we then move to colour grading. We typically film everything in S-Log to give us the most dynamic range in the colour correction stage.

Sound Design

Elevating your vision through sound. After picture lock, we work with our talented sound designers to create the surrounding soundscape. From the deep echoing wilderness to the busy bustling streets, our sound designers can create any environment to make your scenes feel full and alive.

Motion Graphics

Telling your story through different mediums. Some projects require motion graphics/animation, and we are no strangers to the medium. It is another tool we use to help tell people’s stories and journeys that we sometimes can’t tell through live-action.

Music Scoring

The melody behind every scene. Transform your project with our expert music scoring services, crafting original compositions to elevate storytelling and create a distinctive musical identity that resonates with your audience.


Showcasing your project to the world. Ensure a seamless and timely delivery of your video project with our dedicated production team. We guarantee a polished final product that exceeds expectations and is ready to captivate your audience.