This Movie Doesn’t Exist… Yet

brand campaign video

Produced By
Justin Brunelle, David Baron, Samantha Quantz
Directed By
Galen Pendleton
Cinematography By
David Baron


Evil Aliens from Beyond the Grave" is a fictitious 1950’s thriller movie trailer that is actually a commercial campaign video in disguise. The Edmonton Screen Industries Office challenged us with creating a captivating commercial that would appeal to cinephiles and film producers at international film festivals and markets looking for period filming locations for their next movie. This is what we came up with to promote Edmonton as an option – and yes, we filmed it on actual 16mm film!

Behind the Scenes


This branded commercial has screened at numerous international film festivals around the world, including at its Canadian debut screening at a premiere event at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Other screenings include theatrical pre-screenings, at film and tourism markets and online advertising.